Virtual1 have been at the head of the field, delivering unprecedented levels of control with its pioneering adoption of Software Defined Networking. We were the first UK carrier to launch flexible bandwidth services in August of 2017, and this cutting-edge approach has seen another record breaking year in 2018.

We have now released more functionality which automates the majority of moves and changes requested by our partners and makes the control of these all available via 1Portal, 24/7/365.

Below is the full list of new features available:

  • Inbound IPv4 and IPv4 Routing means we support sending traffic via a local customer router for sites with complex LANs and multiple networks beyond the Virtual1 demarcation point.
  • QoS scheduling means we can prioritise traffic such as voice and video via a simple web form. So not only can these rules be applied, they can be adjusted as required to get the perfect profile for your customers traffic.
  • Enhanced monitoring is a chargeable option to turn on JFlow, giving more detailed reporting on applications and devices using the circuit bandwidth via 1Portal.
  • Read-only SNMP allows Partners and customers with their own monitoring platforms to pull utilisation data from the Virtual1 router rather than utilise 1View.
  • Resize VLAN allows circuits with multiple services, e.g. Internet and SIP Exchange to change the bandwidth added to each service. Especially useful when using the circuit bandwidth adjustments, meaning the right services get the right share of bandwidth.
  • DHCP Server/Helper lets our router allocate addresses for the LAN, meaning that you, our partner or your customer doesn’t need to have local equipment doing that task. This is good for remote offices and retail locations.
  • Targeted Broadcast -Allows customers using “Wake on LAN” (WOL) features to activate dormant equipment based on network events for example, out of hours software updates. 

Head of Products & Marketing - Neil Wilson commented: “We are doing away with yet more outdated lead times. Our Partners are in more control of the solutions they provide than has been seen in the industry before. They can directly control their service experience, and not be beholden to legacy services with their long lead times. That is key in helping business differentiate in a tightly fought market“

Virtual1 specialises in the delivery of high speed connectivity solutions to over 180 towns and cities in the UK, using the countries first fully software defined network. Virtual1’s partners can leverage that network through their customer service interface, 1Portal, and suite of API’s.