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The UK’s most advanced carrier network

We’ve got London covered

Virtual1 are a leading wholesale network provider delivering bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions.

With our own London network, we provide the most competitive London pricing on 10Mb through to 10Gb services, with over half a million premises available on-net.

Virtual1:  Your Cloud, Your Way.

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Who would only have two options for gin?

December 2016, Jess Harvey. Our company, like most, has a pretty diverse range of employees. Which is great. No one wants to be the same. Particularly in business, it’s key to have new and differing ideas and opinions to keep the company growing and evolving. It’s not so great however, when it comes to planning a Christmas party that will match the expectations for each employee. Especially when you come across an engineering team as quirky as ours. Everyone has a preference on all the aspects; the venue, the theme, the date,read more Read more Blogs