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ADSL offers a reliable, widely available access method for WAN and Internet solutions. For networks requiring high capacity access to their WAN or the Internet, ADSL can be used most effectively as a backup service.

Virtual1 offers a portfolio of ADSL access solutions, providing both choice and value for your customers.

Business-grade ADSL

Virtual1’s ADSL solution is a business-grade solution, offering speeds of up to 24Mb with quick and efficient implementation.


Virtual1 offers a flexible approach to ADSL, allowing businesses to choose from a range of additional benefits, including assured connectivity – needed for realtime services – and Enhanced Care, providing a 4 hour response time from the initial fault being logged with Virtual1, with a 24 clock hour fix to totally clear the Openreach fault. Out of hours engineering visits to site may be used to complete a repair if unrestricted access is available. The fault may be logged 24/7.