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The MPLS service from Virtual1 allows your customers to connect to more locations than ever before, with just 1 network and 1 supplier. MPLS is a cost-effective solution that enables fast, reliable communications between multiple offices – irrespective of their geographic location.

All Virtual1 MPLS networks are fully bespoke: designed to meet the needs of the individual business. By interconnecting with leading tier 1 carriers the Virtual1 MPLS network has one of the largest UK footprints, providing the freedom to add a new location – whenever and wherever it is needed.

The high speed connectivity provided by MPLS will carry your customer’s communications quickly, effectively and securely. For further peace of mind, MPLS offers flexible and dynamic routing when enhanced service options are deployed. This means that all traffic is automatically re-routed in the event of a circuit outage, thereby ensuring minimal downtime for your customer’s business.

MPLS is also highly scalable and future-proofed, enabling it to be easily adapted to meet changing business requirements. Because it can support voice and video communications, as well as other prioritised data, companies that install an MPLS network now will have the infrastructure in place to introduce Voice over IP and Video Conferencing facilities at any point in the future.