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A slow internet connection is not only frustrating, but also unproductive – costing businesses time and money. Virtual1 offers the ideal solution: a business-grade internet service designed to answer the needs of your customers.

With over 1 billion internet users, it can be difficult to ensure a fast, consistently available internet service for your customers. But Virtual1’s high speed, reliable and scalable internet connectivity rises to the challenge – offering speeds from 2Mb up to 10Gb, and internet access available via Ethernet, EFM and DSL with FTTC to be launched later this year.

By combining the networks of multiple Tier 1 ISPs, Virtual1 can deliver a highly resilient internet service which guarantees the fastest connection available at any time. Plus, there is no single point of failure so if any of the individual routes should go down, traffic is automatically re-routed – keeping your customer’s business connected to the internet at all times.

Virtual1 can also deliver internet breakout for any managed or unmanaged MPLS solution. This enables your customer to access the Virtual1 managed firewall service, thereby avoiding a single point of failure for their internet, benefiting from economies of scale and enjoying the flexibility of immediate expansion.