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The Virtual1 network offers Partners the widest choice in terms of coverage, capacity and technology, allowing them to build the WAN solution that will best answer the needs of their customers.



With fast, reliable connectivity and high network resilience, the many-to-many communications solution offered by MPLS enables geographically dispersed colleagues to connect across the UK and worldwide. Easy to upgrade and add new locations, MPLS provides the flexibility to adapt in line with changing business requirements, along with multiple speeds and access options.

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Layer 2

An alternative WAN technology ideally suited to customers demanding high levels of security for their network, Layer 2 enables any-to-any connectivity across multiple points whilst allowing the customer to maintain control over management of the network.

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The internet delivers fast, efficient communications and data transfer across the UK and the world. A wide range of bandwidth speeds makes it easy for customers to upgrade according to business needs, while access options include Ethernet, EFM and ADSL

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