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SIP Exchange™

Demand for SIP has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with further uptake expected. Yet not all SIP providers provide the same service, coverage or features.

The SIP Exchange™ is a unique product that provides Partners with access to the solutions of every major SIP provider in the UK via their Virtual1 network,  allowing the freedom to select the solution which best answers the needs of their customers, at no cost.


Key benefits of the SIP Exchange™

  • The widest choice for SIP: The SIP Exchange™ enjoys interconnects with all the major UK SIP providers, including Gamma, Colt, BT IPVS, Teleware, Telstra and tIPicall. We have also invested in connections with smaller suppliers which we believe offer innovative products, to ensure your customers have real choice and access to the very best SIP solutions. This gives us the widest SIP coverage currently available through a single provider, whilst maintaining our carrier independence.
  • Highly secure: SIP traffic is delivered into a ring-fenced area of our network; Virtual1 then employs BGP route export to inject traffic directly into the customer’s network. This means the risks to security and the potential for performance degradation are greatly reduced.
  • Cost effective:  Access to the SIP Exchange is free. Furthermore, customers do not need to buy dedicated connectivity to their chosen carrier, and as there is no specific contract, they can change to another SIP carrier at any time without penalty or loss of connection.
  • Flexibility: Our Partners can choose whichever SIP provider they wish, and can even choose to combine the products of multiple providers into a single solution.

Simple to deploy

Deploying SIP on a Virtual1 network could not be more straightforward either, because we build every network to be SIP ready:

  • QoS is included for free and as standard on every Virtual1 network
  • Virtual1 also includes free SIP handoff on every network as standard
  • Virtual1 has upgraded its network infrastructure so that SIP, WAN and Internet traffic can be run over the same circuit, meaning no additional infrastructure is needed for customers, significantly reducing cost
  • We have added the SIP Exchange to our online pricing tool, 1Portal, so that Partners can incorporate SIP into their automated quote and ensure they are getting the most competitive pricing available.