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At Virtual1, we believe that having access to effective network monitoring is essential to managing your customers’ networks.  That’s why we provide 1View free of charge with every Virtual1 network.

Without network monitoring, any decisions made regarding upgrades or changes are little more than educated guesswork.  Deploying an effective network monitoring solution can help you assess how applications and their users are behaving, will help predict trends, will even alert you to any devices that have been compromised or to any unusual user activity.

By undertaking monitoring pre and post any modifications, you can assess the effectiveness of the changes made and ensure future modifications answer the needs of your customers’ business.

1View provides detailed network information in realtime, giving instant information of what is happening on the network, 24/7.


Key features of 1View

  • Realtime monitoring portal available to all Partners
  • End user login included under the 1View banner
  • Ipad, Iphone and Android apps available
  • For Partners who run their own NOC, 1View can display entire estate and  have a desktop pop up for alerts
  • Enhanced Traffic Application view shows the individual traffic flows and  the networks top talkers.

Furthermore, it allows greater depth of investigation of any faults through:

  • Proactive alarms
  • Ability to turn on flows to see which traffic stream / device might be causing issues
  • Ability to monitor CPU / memory usage and trigger alarms against them.

Uniquely, Partners can also give their customers access, improving transparency and offering zero investment in monitoring for the Partner.