Within my operations team, we measure everything we do based on the customer satisfaction we receive. It is for this reason that we recently made significant investment into understanding the Virtual1 user journey by partnering with Qualtrics. A global leader in customer experience management, they help businesses garner customer feedback and provide detailed analysis which can transform suggestions into viable ideas. 

It also helps us reset our priorities to our focus on the areas that you tell us need improvement. Through Qualtrics, we have created 3 very short surveys for you to complete at various points along your user journey to provide us with your valued opinion. If your experience wasn’t a positive one, an internal case is created automatically, and a member of our Service Management team will contact you to establish how we could have done better. We appreciate the time partners take to provide us feedback, and make sure that we react to it all. 

This year, we have already transformed a third of the feedback we have received into tangible improvements for our partners to realise and benefit from that have resulted in improvements to our quality assurance checks across delivery and support and tweaks to our portal, making key information easier to locate. Our objective is always to make it easier for you to do business with us. To date, our Net Promoter Score stands at 33, and we have set have set a score target of 60. We will be making our score clearly available so that we can be held accountable easily for our performance. 

We are happy to chat to any of our partners about this and you can ask us questions about it by leaving us feedback on our portal.

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