2018 has seen considerable growth in the volume of orders coming into Virtual1 and we have ensured that even with our market leading automation, we make sure we have sufficient strength in depth in our teams.

So across the department, we’ve been busy acquiring talent who not only fit into our culture perfectly, but can deliver the same high standards we would expect. We have increased headcount by 30% in our Provisioning team, 33% in Engineering Implementation, 25% in Order Validation, 33% in Project Management and increased in Support by 20%. 

We are already noticing the return of that investment and as such, the skill capability and performance of our teams have significantly improved – this results in 11% improvement in quicker response times, a 5% improvement in our fix within SLA targets from us, and better quality of updates. The Delivery and Support teams are going through a companywide customer service training programme that will introduce additional quality assurance checks to make sure we’re doing everything we’re supposed to, right first time.

This has given us the headcount to aligned to a dedicated Order Manager for our Partners who have multiple orders placed. The order manager will act as your single point of contact for all provisioning related queries.

Lastly with the introduction of Health Checks on 1Portal, we have seen it make a significant different to Partners troubleshooting issues with their customers. It performs many of the checks our first line would do, automatically, pinpointing any obvious simple fixes, or providing us with excellent information should you need to raise it as a case. You can read more in the resources section of 1Portal or cover its use as part of one of our Support training sessions.

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