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Does it pay to be extreme?

Recently I read a great post about the retail sector and how it is becoming “extreme” in order to find success. Be it cafes selling breakfast cereal to Amazon’s ruthless pursuit of the easiest transaction possible. They have worked out their niche, the thing they are really good at or...read more

Who would only have two options for gin?

December 2016, Jess Harvey. Our company, like most, has a pretty diverse range of employees. Which is great. No one wants to be the same. Particularly in business, it’s key to have new and differing ideas and opinions to keep the company growing and evolving. It’s not so great however, when...read more

There isn’t anything there

December 2016, James Hickman. I drive a car that isn’t the easiest thing to park. At least I don’t find it easy. It is old and rusty and has none of those new fangled parking sensors or cameras. It has mirrors and my rough knowledge of where each corner is....read more

The Voice of Reason

December 2016, James Hickman. In the recent pre-Christmas retail pandemonium, I picked up one of those Amazon Echo Dot devices. This was inspired by a friend who is very much into home automation and a general interest in the voice recognition technology. Is it really any good? After a bit of...read more

Artificially Intelligent beings will rule us all.

December 2016, James Hickman. Not just a Science Fiction author’s prediction, but a one-time concern of Steven Hawking. A future the famed physicist is looking to avoid, with the first step being the recent opening of an AI research centre, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, at Cambridge University – a...read more

Messages from beyond the fridge

December 2016, James Hickman. In 1968, a little known company called Viatron used the term “microprocessor” for the first time and thus heralded the modern computing age. Early designs were power-hungry, painfully slow by modern standards and used to run computers and not much else. Eventually these things started running...read more

The Internet Hates You

December 2016, James Hickman. The Internet hates you. Or at least somebody does. One person. That is all it takes to deny your Internet access for a few hours. The days of a lone hacker spending laborious hours searching out flaws in your website are not over, but it is...read more

You lost me!

November 2016, James Hickman. You shouldn’t trust everything the Internet tells you. The Internet is in essence a huge international network and requires quite a lot of admin to keep it going and there are still a lot of bits that you might think are tightly defined but the truth is...read more

Shadow IT

April 2016, James Hickman. In our industry, you can occasionally come across new buzzwords and they then seem to cluster, so you hear them again in a different context a few days later. One such buzzword is the term “Shadow IT”. The phrase seems to have first surfaced around 2011 and...read more

Bits in Space

January 2016, James Hickman. As Tim Peake is settled into life at the International Space Station, I got to wondering about all the home comforts an astronaut must leave behind when they are off to live in a tin can hurtling around the Earth for months at a time.

...read more