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With many organisations moving towards greater use of Cloud applications, demand for secure hosting and resilient connectivity is high.

Virtual1 co-location provides a flexible and efficient solution, combining multiple secure hosting facilities with fast connectivity speeds and a highly resilient network.

Virtual1’s Tier 3 datacentres are strategically located within London Docklands and Heathrow. They are housed within purpose-built infrastructure, offering complete protection for your customer’s data.  Both datacentres are in close proximity to the main fibre route – offering a diverse UK grid connection – and boast a state-of-the-art security and environmental facilities.

Both Virtual1’s Co-location facilities are on-net with our network; this delivers many benefits, including greater resiliency, faster connectivity speeds and increased network security. It also means your customers can interconnect directly to their own Wide Area Network infrastructure, the SIP exchange or the public internet.

Furthermore, because the two datacentres are interconnected with each other, they provide the ideal infrastructure for backup, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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