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The drive to host mission critical data and applications off-site has been intensified by the growing dominance of the cloud and by a rising awareness of the need for effective business continuity. Yet the cost of traditional hosting can be prohibitive and the solutions themselves, restrictive.

1Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that delivers a flexible, cost-effective and highly resilient alternative to traditional hosting. Virtual1 offers both standard builds and a fully bespoke option, giving Partners the freedom to build the ideal Virtual Data Centre for their customers.

What is 1Cloud?

A Virtual Datacentre (VDC) is built and hosted on a high-performance, clustered farm of physical servers. It can best be described as a private, dedicated and highly secure environment in which customers’ VMs, backup and storage are located.

The physical servers run software called VMWare; this is the software that creates and manages the Virtual Machines (VMs). The VMs are identical in their behaviour to a physical server, yet offer many advantages over their hardware counterparts, most importantly, cost-effectiveness and speed of implementation.

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